May 21

Written by: jmeddy
5/21/2012 10:03 PM 

By Sharon Campbell

On April 21, 2012, Center for Independent Futures’ (CIF) participants, families, friends, Board Members and staff attended the Annual Rob Campbell Cubs Outing Memorial Event at Wrigley Field.  The Chicago Cubs donated 200 tickets to Rob's Fun Club so CIF attendees could watch the Chicago Cubs play against the Cincinnati Red Sox. It was a brisk day and excitement ran high. And, most importantly, the Cubbies won!

The Annual Rob Campbell Cubs Outing Memorial Event, CIF’s History Club, attendance at Northwestern University sporting events, and many other CIF educational and social activities are subsidized by the Rob Campbell Fun Club Fund, a fund created in memory of Rob Campbell, a CIF Charter Member.

One of Rob’s greatest joys was the presence of friends to play games with and to go places together. Because people with disabilities often have challenges socializing, Center for Independent Futures and Rob’s Fun Club partnered to provide support, coaching and funding so individuals are able to participate in social and educational activities and enjoy life more fully.

View our photos from the Rob Campbell Cubs Outing Memorial Event...


The CIF hosted events are not only about having fun. (Although what’s wrong with that?) Participating individuals are given opportunities in real world situations to solve their own problems, act independently and make decisions on their own. All this is done under the careful guidance of CIF staff, volunteers and family members.

It’s heartwarming to talk with individuals who have participated in events like the Cubs Game, the Chicago River Architectural Tour and other CIF hosted events. People clearly enjoy these outings and are so appreciative of the chance to have new experiences thanks to Rob’s Fun Club Fund and Center for Independent Futures.

To contribute to the Rob Campbell Fun Club Fun, send your check made out to Center for Independent Futures to Jan Walch, Center for Independent Futures, 743 Main Street, Evanston, IL 60202. Please write “Rob Campbell’s Fun Club Fund” in the memo line. To learn more, contact Jan at 847-328-2044 or

View our photos from the Rob Campbell Cubs Outing Memorial Event...

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