Artist Brings New Inspiration to Art Club

January 21, 2016

Thanks to a meeting on Davis Street, the Center for Independent Futures office becomes a haven of creativity and color every other Monday night at Art Club.

Artist Amy Koetz was teaching classes at Bottle & Bottega across the street from the office when she dropped in to learn about her neighbors at Center for Independent Futures. Amy, who studied art at Northern Illinois University and has a background in interior design, has a cousin with disabilities and immediately wanted to get involved.  

The timing of her visit was perfect, since Center for Independent Futures needed a new art class facilitator. After meeting with Activities Director Jeff Morthorst to plan the curriculum, Amy started hosting Art Club in the summer of 2014.

“I’m really grateful to Center for Independent Futures for the trust they put in me. It’s a unique opportunity,” Amy says

At first, Art Club focused on foundation-building classes through activities involving drawing technique, shadow and light, and perspective. Since then, the group has expanded its horizons, experimenting with color theory, printing, mixed media, collage, and more. Amy develops each projects around feedback from the participants. The artists often share the decisions behind their work, fostering discussion that helps participants tap further into their creativity.

“It’s amazing what can happen in two hours,” she shares.

Amy says she has seen the participants grow as artists in the past two years. In 2016, Amy looks forward to working with participants to plan an outing to a museum, a nature walk to draw inspiration, and more social activities beyond the office.

“I think the community here is really special, and they have a lot to offer,” Amy says.

To learn more about Amy, including her events and art, visit her website at For more information about Art Club or any of our activities, contact Jeff Morthorst at (224) 545-3925.

Photos courtesy of Amy Koetz

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