CIF Celebrates #ADA25

July 21,  2015

July 26 marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have the right to participate fully in public life. Center for Independent Futures is proud to be a partner of ADA 25 Chicago, an organization that is leading efforts to celebrate this anniversary. Each partner commits to developing an initiative focused on the promise of the ADA, using the milestone to build awareness and create partnerships around disability issues.

As an ADA 25 partner, CIF is focusing on two commitments in the areas of employment and housing. In the employment arena, CIF is participating in an initiative to develop Customized Employment in integrated settings for individuals with disabilities, matching individuals talents to a workplace’s needs. To complement this initiative, CIF has developed Ability Awareness modules, online learning tools that support employers in engaging the gifts and talents of all individuals.

CIF’s second ADA anniversary commitment involves creating community-based housing opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Facing the challenging lack of government housing and decreased funding, CIF is working with families to create different options for their loved ones. With funding from the Coleman Foundation, CIF has begun a project to redesign our proven process for alternative housing creation, working to make these tools available to more families.

CIF is proud to be one of over 150 organizations joining the ADA 25 Chicago initiative to honor 25 years of progress while working toward increased opportunities, access, and inclusion. You can read more about CIF’s commitments here

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