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Welcome home to a full life

Center for Independent Futures’ Community Living Options offer a supported living alternative for individuals with disabilities living in Evanston, Illinois.
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Community Living Options™

Although the word “home” means something different to every individual, there are certain aspects that are universal. Home is a place where you can be yourself, make your own decisions, and have a place to call your own. Individuals with disabilities share the right to independent and supportive homes.

Located in Evanston, Illinois, Center for Independent Futures’ Community Living Option (CLO) Residences provide individuals with the supports they need to live independently. Established by families seeking a new vision for their loved ones, the CLO Residences are structured on a philosophy of community engagement and support. The four communities are located in diverse neighborhoods, near public transportation and local businesses. In each, a Community Builder provides overnight emergency support and facilitates community, including social events and weekly decision-making meetings.

In addition to Community Builder support, each resident works one-on-one with a Skills Tutor to strengthen independent living skills. Together, residents and Center for Independent Futures staff foster individual choice and exploration while supporting community connections. Before moving in, all residents participate in our Skills Inventory to determine their current skill levels, support needs, and interests. For more information on the Evanston, Illinois, CLO Residences or how we can help you create similar communities in your area, call us at (847) 328-2044.

What's Next? Consultation »

When your loved one has special needs, the future can seem daunting and unsure. Sometimes it's hard to decide what steps to take next.

Full Life Process™ »

At the core of the Full Life Process are the Three L’s—Listen, Look and Learn. Our approach is person-centered and educational.

Activities »

Center for Independent Futures’ activities offer opportunities to gather with friends, make connections, and explore new interests.