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A full life starts with hopes and dreams

The Full Life Process™ guides individuals toward more fulfilling lives by first learning their hopes and dreams and then creating plans to help make them reality.
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Full Life Process™

At the core of the Full Life Process are the Three L’s—Listen, Look and Learn. First, we listen to an individual’s hopes and dreams and help create a plan. Next, we take a look at the individual’s abilities and support needs. Finally, learning begins using a customized skill training program. The entire process is supported by our proprietary web-based application that uses our person-centered approach and provides tools for setting goals, creating action plans, learning skills, and tracking progress toward an individual’s hopes and dreams.

The online application also allows individuals to share information with their families, service providers, educators, and support team members. For professionals, this tool can be an invaluable means of measuring and documenting progress toward Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Individual Service Plan (ISP) goals. 


The Full Life ProcessTM has three components: Planning, Skills Inventory, and Skills Training. Our online application supports and documents these components with an easy to use, person-centered approach. These elements work together toward the following goals:

  • Creating a picture of a full life based on an individual’s hopes and dreams
  • Acknowledging obstacles and assets
  • Developing clear goals and action plans
  • Identifying personal and community networks
  • Determining needed skills, experiences, and supports
  • Acquiring independent living skills
  • Achieving self-determination and self-monitoring of progress towards goals

For us, Planning is an interactive, person-centered process that allows individuals to create visual representations of their futures based upon their hopes and dreams. After listening to these hopes and dreams, the team identifies specific goals and creates action plans.


We developed the Skills Inventory to look at an individual’s abilities, not his or her disabilities. The inventory is a critical tool for high school transition and adult service planning. Designed as an integrated evaluation and interactive assessment of skills and experiences, it provides a blueprint of skills to be learned, experiences to be obtained, and supports to be acquired to ensure a safe and productive independence.


Our Skills Training was developed to help families, educators, and agency professionals teach independent living skills to individuals with disabilities. Its learning modules introduce teaching methods to meet a variety of learning styles. Suggested activities enable the skills tutor to effectively teach, support, monitor, and retrain skills.



While our family has always been supportive of Phil, our work with Center for Independent Futures helped to ignite our spirits and expand our efforts to help him realize his hopes and dreams.

Michelle Gazzolo



Sarah has always wanted to move past her fears and have a life of her own. Center for Independent Futures offered her the means to do just that. Sarah’s Full Life ProcessTM meetings helped her begin the journey toward a more independent life. It was an honor to be a part of that process.

Annabel Armour



Creating transition plans can be daunting, but Center for Independent Futures has been so supportive and easy to work with. They are helping us equip our students with hope, confidence, and the skill sets they need to make successful transitions to the adult world.

John Ostrowski

Transition Coordinator, Evanston Township High School

Evanston, Ill.


It’s so nice to work with people who really get it and are already doing what you were struggling with. We can use the tools, processes, ideas, questions, and vocabulary to help students on the way to becoming more independent and doing things that they love.

Eden Messutta

Special Education Teacher, Northwood Junior High

Highland Park, Ill.


I felt like the Full Life ProcessTM was the missing piece. We hit the ground running as soon as we met the team and saw the innovative resources that Center for Independent Futures could provide.

Dr. Monica Schroeder

Principal, Northwood Junior High

Highland Park, Ill.


I realize that these skills are going to help me be independent throughout my life, and I feel in charge of my future.

Neiro Dominguez



Online Support

Our exclusive online application documents an individual’s goals and plans and monitors achievement. Instructors, administrators, and individuals can use a computer or handheld device to set specific goals, create action plans, and track progress.

Online Support & Tracking