Life Tools Campers Access Community Resources

August 2, 2016

Guest blog post by Cynthia Witherspoon, School Consultation Staff and Community Life Coordinator

We had a great week at our Life Tools Camp at the Evanston Township High School Transition House again this year. The week was filled with new experiences both at the Transition House and in the community. We got to know one another better through a series of games and working together, and we learned we have many common interests.

On our first day at camp, we set our budget for transportation and dining out and reviewed our plans for the week. Then, we headed to Evanston Hospital for a tour and took a walk to Mustard’s Last Stand for lunch before enjoying a tour of one of the city’s five fire stations. At the station, the students has many great questions for the Captain as we learned about the truck, engine, and ambulance. We went to the CTA station on Central Street to get our Ventra cards, and then headed back to the Transition House to recap the day.

On Tuesday, we budgeted for the week’s groceries, worked together to create a shopping list, and drove to Valli Produce, the local grocery store. The campers split the list in half and teamed up to find and purchase the groceries on their portion of the list. Back at the Transition House, we prepared and ate lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, and then caught a bus to downtown Evanston. We worked in pairs to complete a scavenger hunt through a clothing store, the movie theater, and World Market.

The rest of the week flew by. Each day was busy as we prepared lunch together and navigated the community to access different resources and develop important skills. We completed a service project for the City of Evanston and explored the Evanston Public Library. A volunteer from the Red Cross visited to share information about basic first aid. On Friday, we ended the week with a trip to Greenwood Beach, where we enjoyed the sunshine and waded into the refreshing lake water.

Throughout the week, we worked together to plan our activities and supported each other. At the end of each day, we listed the community resources we learned about, including Evanston Hospital, Evanston Public Library, the McGaw YMCA, the City of Evanston, and the Evanston Fire Department. Thanks to their support, our campers enjoyed a week of new experiences and new connections.

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