Matching Grant Supports Spanish Translations

August 6,  2015

Navigating the world with a disability can be difficult. Facing a language barrier in addition might seem impossible. Center for Independent Futures understands that students with disabilities who are also English language learners have to overcome countless challenges to reach their hopes and dreams. Thanks to a recent matching grant from an anonymous donor, we’re one step closer to supporting success in both English and Spanish.

CIF has been awarded a $20,000 matching grant to translate its Full Life Futures ProcessTM resources into Spanish, allowing for broader reach in schools, human service organizations, and communities. Available as an interactive online application, CIF’s Full Life Futures Process offers a person-centered Planning Process, a Skills Inventory, and goal tracking. To reach their goals, individuals and their supporters can access a robust Skills Training curriculum. CIF is excited to translate these resources into Spanish to begin supporting individuals with disabilities to build full lives, no matter what language is spoken at home.

This new grant follows other work CIF has done to extend resources to the Hispanic community, including translating our housing creation guide. You can find links to the guide in Spanish and English at this page.

Spanish-translated resources will facilitate family, school, and community support of individuals’ hopes and dreams. The Full Life Futures Process provides vital support for young adults aging out of special education services and beyond, connecting individuals with disabilities to the support they need to live full lives. To learn more about this grant, contact us at (847) 328-2044.


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