The Sibling Survival Guide

Teen or adult sisters and brothers of individuals with disabilities, here’s the book for you! The Sibling Survival Guide, the newest book from the Sibling Support Project, offers advice and anecdotes related to the sibling experience.

Edited by experts in the field of disabilities and sibling relationships, it focuses on the central concerns identified by brothers and sisters across the country. The book features sections on getting services, taking care of yourself, and impact on life decisions. Also included are up-to-date statistics and research about siblings, advice about aging and disability, and guidance for future planning.

Nora Fox Handler, sister of CIF participant Patrick Fox, says, “Here it is at last, the book I have been waiting for!” Nora, a founding member of SIBS Supporting Illinois Brothers and Sisters, adds, “This book has information that could be life-changing for siblings and the sibs they support.”

All royalties from the guide support the Sibling Leadership Network. The book will also be useful for parents, counselors, and disability service providers, and it would make a wonderful gift. You can purchase The Sibling Survival Guide online here.


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