Summer and School Year Tips

July 25, 2016

As the summer ends and fall approaches, families are preparing for a transition to a new school year, a change that can be particularly challenging for students with disabilities. Center for Independent Futures Resource Partner Micki Moran, founding partner of The Child and Family Law Center, shares her advice for ending the summer and starting the school year on the right foot.

While the summer’s still around...

  1. Remember to build in fun around tutoring and other obligations.
  2. Summer is a good time to schedule an evaluation by a psychologist, psychiatrist or other therapist.
  3. Organize your records, including evaluations, assessments, and IEP documents.
  4. Make a list of what you feel are the educational priorities for your child in the upcoming school year.
  5. Plan an informal, brief meeting after the first 30 days of school to check in with the team. Get this on the calendar soon if possible.

Once the school year begins...

  1. Prepare a proposed agenda prior to your initial meeting and circulate it to the school in advance. Emphasize what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, and be clear on your priorities for the year.
  2. Update the school about how the summer went and about any new developments in your child’s life.
  3. Agree on how you and the school will communicate with each other, who will be the primary contacts, and how frequently communication should occur
  4. If you need an extra set of books or communication about homework, accommodations, and modifications, determine how you’ll get these things.
  5. Coordinate with outside professionals and the school team when appropriate. Sign releases for this communication to happen.

Micki Moran dedicates her practice to providing legal assistance to children and families who need representation in the areas of special education, disability law, juvenile and young adult criminal law, abuse and neglect, guardianship, and mental health issues. Micki's practice is founded on the principle that children and their families require and deserve excellent legal representation that creates communities that improve the quality of all peoples' lives. To learn more, visit


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