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Building bridges to better lives

Creating fuller lives and richer communities.

Individuals with disabilities often lack opportunities to pursue their interests and engage in the community, leaving them vulnerable to isolation and depression. Center for Independent Futures created a project to support individuals with disabilities to build happier, healthier lives while strengthening the entire community. Now, we've developed resources to make it possible to implement this project in any community, free of charge and easily customizable.

This initiative, called the Community Connectors and Bridge Builders Project, helps individuals create broader networks and fuller lives. Trained volunteers, or Bridge Builders, introduce individuals with disabilities into community activities that match up with their interests. Together, they attend events, volunteer, and enjoy their hobbies. With the resources we've created, you can start this project in your own community, leading to more opportunities and richer lives for all community members.

Building Bridges Into the Community

For more information on how you can build bridges in your own community, contact us at (847) 328-2044.