Six Tips for Successful IEP Meetings

September 29, 2016

The school year is well underway, and Center for Independent Futures Resource Partner Oak Wealth Advisors, LLC, offers their advice for successful meetings about your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Take a look at our favorite tips below, and read the full list at this link.

  1. Be proactive. Your role is equally important as the education professionals’. You are an expert about your child. You should advocate for the support your child needs.
  2. Request documents to review prior to the meeting. Ask for all reports, evaluations, and proposed goals and objectives in writing. Parents need time to digest the information and prepare for the meeting.
  3. Keep detailed records. Document progress and setbacks in a journal, calendar, or on an app on your smartphone. Having pertinent education reports, evaluations, diagnostic test results, and classroom samples will be valuable in supporting your requests for services and keeping your child’s progress on track.
  4. Approach IEP meetings with a collaborative mindset. Developing trusted relationships with the education professionals allows for greater success. The district will appreciate the efforts you are making at home to reinforce the educational and behavioral skills they are teaching at school.
  5. Ask questions. Never leave the meeting without having all your questions answered.
  6. Know your rights. Every child is entitled to a free appropriate public education. School districts cannot deny services solely for financial reasons.

To read the rest of the list and to see other resources from Oak Wealth Advisors, click here. Oak Wealth Advisors was founded to provide families with members with disabilities experienced financial advice and investment management services. To learn more about the services Oak Wealth provides, visit

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